Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Just a quick explanation on the last post. There are those who believe we just guess at which horse is which, not true. The Friesians at Middle Grove are easy to tell apart in the flesh. Ciera is the tallest, Killian is still the shortest as he is only a year old but he is so close in size we always look underneath, his plumbing is WAY different than the rest. About the only way to tell Ayanna and Indy apart is to stand them side by side as they both have a lot of hair. Ayanna is taller and a bit thicker, Indy's face is more refined. When Ayanna is full grown she and Ciera will be hard to tell apart but their dispositions are different. Ciera is a pest, she won't leave people alone always wanting attention, Ayanna is more standoffish. Ayanna's rear end is also a bit thicker. Now all of the above descriptions are for Karin, one time this summer she was suppose to tack up Ciera, the horse was fussing about the bridle when Karin realized it was Ayanna, an untrained 2 year old she was trying to tack up. Mark's doctor appointment is Friday and that can't come soon enough. Chest pain woke him up this morning at 3:15am. Sure will be good to know if this is serious or not. Today is going to be great. We always have a good time working together down at the Berean warehouse in the morning and the day will end with wonderful fellowship and singing at choir. I can't end this post without remembering the date, today is 9-11 the anniversary we Americans should all never ever forget. The day America was attacked and so many innocent people lost their lives because of a confused hell bound group of terrorist that thought if they could kill Americans even if it costs their life they would end up in paradise. These evil people must have been shocked.

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