Saturday, September 22, 2012

Open My Eyes

Holly did very well here yesterday. She allowed me to clean the burrs and tangles out of her mane and forlock. Rhoda went trail riding again with her boss taking Ylse and Zalena. She supplied Zalena for a lady that wanted to ride but didn't have a horse and was a beginner. Zalena is such a blessing, she rides out quietly on the trails, crossing creeks without drama and trudging up and down the hills without thinking she must gallop up them. Steven Marchal arrived to work the boys and had to be introduced to Holly. He helped get her fly sprayed down. That was something she really needed but was scared to death about. Karin came after work to meet her. We didn't ask too much of her today, she is still getting acclimated to her new home. She must not have been with other horses, she is scared of getting to close to any of ours.
Above she is wanting to join up with Karin but struggling against her instinct to run. She has very nice movement, can step under herself and push off.
The picture below was snapped of Valiant as Steven was patiently waiting for arena use.
I couldn't stay out to take pictures we were invited to Mike and Carol Reiker's house for rotating potluck and had to come in to clean up. Karin stayed and worked most of the mares before she left for her late dinner in Farmington with Jackie and Beth. Potluck was great, the food was wonderful but the company even better. We stayed until 10:00pm, drove home and collapsed in bed knowing morning would soon be here. The pre-arranged wake-up call came at 4:30am. Mom needed a ride to the Peoria airport, she is flying to Gulf Shores, AL.

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