Monday, September 3, 2012

Achy Breaky Heart

The stress test didn't happen, evidently there is no way to schedule a stress test on a national holiday. Mark was finally released from Methodist with instructions to call tomorrow to schedule a stress test. The blood work showed that he did not have a heart attack but his chest is still achy. As we were driving home from the hospital we stopped at Home Depot and bought a fridge for the farm house. That was the only appliance we still needed. It won't be delivered until the end of this month, probably perfect timing. Next we stopped at Walmart for groceries buying lots of good crunchy delicious fresh vegetables, a couple of boneless skinless chicken breast, a blood sugar meter, test strips and lancets. A very healthy delicious stir fry was cooked for dinner. After dinner Mark just couldn't rest after having to lay around all day and wanted to start caulking around the furnace & air conditioner which meant that closet needed to be cleaned out. It is amazing how much stuff one can stuff into a small closet, we found all kinds of things we were the outlet plates that needed to be put on the bathroom outlets. That job got done next. While he was busy with that installation I took the golf cart over to the cabin to grain and check on the nursing mares. We now have the 4 mares with foals all in the cabin field. Steven put a new good quality round bale in for them and moved Jewel, her filly, Sangria and her colt in with Jenis & Eliza and their fillies. They were all getting along fine, Jenis is still the boss of everyone but meek Eliza is second top dog. She is learning from Jenis how to stand her ground. Mike teased Clair and she was out so he took Clair and Prissy out to Middle Grove. Bonnie was wormed. Karin worked 4 horses today, 2 mares and the 2 boys. I'm not sure which mares she worked with. Then Steven sent through a text that he worked both boys. He reported he rode them in the indoor and both were good, they should of been good being worked twice in one day.

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