Monday, September 17, 2012

Hungry Horses

Mark needed a ride in to Peoria today to pick up his work van before work so no walk for me today. The ride in was slow going. The fog has covered our corner of the earth so thick it is like driving through pea soup. The picture below was taken at the busy corner of Maxwell road and 116, thank goodness the cars all had their lights on. One couldn't see the stoplights until right up on it.
The ride back was just about as slow. I'm hungry this morning, my grandpa Meister would always tell us we could not eat our food until the animals had their food. Breakfast was not served until just a bit ago for those hungry horses. As the feeding was in progress, Paris came up to the gate, looking longingly at the stallions. She was taken over and covered by Evan, while Evan was out and handy the three mares in the breeding shed were teased. Not easy, Evan is not near as polite as Raven. The good news is Prissy and Clair were not at all interested, the bad news is maybe Cor was. She was pulled out and taken over to Raven but not enough clear signs to have her covered. She will need to be checked tomorrow. Sure was hoping by using Valiant instead of Raven we would get a pregnancy out of her. The other bad news is it looks like Sangria is coming back in. She was covered by Raven on her foal heat but not at optimum time. She will also be checked tomorrow. Finally made it back in the apartment to cook breakfast which will be started shortly.

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