Monday, September 10, 2012

Fighting Stallions

Rhoda was over last night training Bonnie. She snapped these pictures of the boys, Evan and Valiant at play with her phone.
They are typical boys, wrestling and play fighting, then they take off running, stop to eat and then back to wrestling. Evan and Valiant are best friends and don't really hurt each other but they still end up with nicks and scars from their antics. They will never be slick show ready but they are happy and happy we feel is more important than looks. Mark is taking the car in today so I can have the truck. Ribbon will be hauled out to Middle Grove. Paris, Prissy, Cor and Clair will be hauled back. We have Dr. Hoerr coming out on Friday for ultrasounds. We will also need to haul in Bunni, Sally, Mika and Ella for Karin's youth group scheduled for Saturday.

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