Saturday, September 15, 2012


The golf cart has been not working for 2 days and each morning as I'm hauling square bales in the wheelbarrow or walking to the cabin or mom's I really miss that handy machine. There was a golf cart listed in an auction today right in Hanna City. Mom and I got there almost an hour early to check it out. It was a 2002 model electric with new batteries. After Diane checked on the internet on how much golf carts cost we decided to bid up to but not exceeding $1800.00. Well it went for $3500.00! I can walk for that. Emily Ricketts and 2 of her friends from Forrest, Kimber and Jenna arrived before we left for the auction. Karin took them for a trail ride on the 'death trails'and lost one. Thankfully no one got hurt, this wasn't a horse or person problem it was equipment failure. Ella's saddle strap came loose, she stepped on it as she was running up a hill and pulled the saddle off dumping the girl. Actually it was a good thing it happened then instead of later when the youth group arrived from Maquon. The three Forrest girls are gorgeous so of course we put them up on Jenis and took a few pictures. Below is Emily on Jenis, her filly was intrigued by the dress and had to taste it:
Kimber Edelman was next and yep the filly had to taste that dress too:
Kimber was also willing to hold Zalena for us.
Jenna Kaeb on Jenis:
Rhoda arrived and brought Bonnie pony out just to see how she would tolerate long flowing dresses. Emily's dress just about swamps her.
Bonnie did great, Rhoda asked her to bow for the camera just about dumping Emily:
Those three girls had to head back home just as Karin's company was arriving. The horses got a good work out today.
Rhoda was the trail guide and took out 5 riders at a time, Bunni, Mika, Sally, Paris, Ella and Bonnie were the horses used. While the kids were waiting their turn to ride there were plenty of other activities.
The day has been long but fun, somehow the house needs to magically get cleaned up before we leave for church tomorrow but I'm too tired to do it tonight.

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