Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ice Cream Social

The weather was just perfect for a trail ride, cool and clear with bright sunshine. Karin and Rhoda loaded up Bonnie pony and Ylse and took off for one of the state forests early this morning.
Steven arrived right after they pulled away to work both boys. He brought along some apples off one of the neighbor's trees to give Valiant and Evan. These boys have not been given treats and refused to eat the apples. Steven mixed apple pieces in some grain to get them to try the apples. Like mom would say, you must try one bite of anything new or we thought looked gross.
I don't know if he got them to taste the apples or not. Nancy was invited to the ice cream social held at Timber Ridge and with mom now in Gulf Shores, I got to take her. The roses below are blooming just beautiful by Nancy's front door so of course I had to stop and smell the roses and took a picture for proof.
The entertainment at the ice cream social was the band below:
They did a great job playing old time favorites along with some real toe tappers. Nancy saw lots of her friends:
It was kind of cute, one fellow walks by and Nancy says very loudly, "there goes my other boyfriend!" A lady brought her therapy dogs, cute little Shih Tzus all dressed up for company.
She brought one over to sit on Nancy's lap.
The weather was too nice to be inside cleaning although the laundry machines were changed every once and a while. After dinner we headed down to work on the farm house. We heard the dogs barking, went to check out why and there was Spark and Rhonda with their Bluffton, IN company Ron and Linda Kipfer. Rhonda invited us over for coffee and a pumpkin dessert.

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