Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Da Boys

Work today at the Berean warehouse went like clockwork. Nothing went wrong today and we flew through the studies finishing before 11:30am. There still needs many studies copied and the Bibles mailed out, that may or may not be done Thursday depending on how quickly Dr. Hoerr gets here and gets done. He has 3 less horses to ultrasound, Paris, Cor and Sangria all are in season and all were covered today. We are very discouraged about Cor. She is not our mare, the owner has not responded to phone messages or emails, she has not paid mare care since the mare arrived and we can't get her pregnant. Dr. Hoerr thinks her tubes are blocked. What are we to do with her? We think the owner has abandoned her, doesn't want to pay board on her. This is the first time that has ever happened to Horsemeister. The mares that still need ultrasounds Thursday are Clair and Prissy. Steven Marchal was here by the time I arrived home from work. He had both the boys out getting them all spiffed up for the training session. Below is Valiant getting his tail done.
Valiant was the horse chosen to ride first and Valiant had a first. Today Steven cantered him under saddle for the first time.
Both of us were surprised how balanced and willing he was, he didn't run into the canter, balanced himself and slipped into it smooth as silk. Evan was ridden next. Below Steven riding Evan.
He has it all worked out, he is willing to work but only so long then decides to quit and lays down. He did that 3 times this afternoon and of course Steven didn't let him get away with that behavior, each time making him get up and remounting. He ended on a good note then both boys had jobs to do. Evan covered Paris, Valiant covered Cor and the Sangria was led over to Raven's and covered by him. Steven put the boys away right before Karin arrived to start working the mares. A few pictures were taken but not yet downloaded of her sessions. She was pleased with how well they are all doing. I had to leave early for choir and was the last one to leave from choir for home. It was our turn to serve but I had lots of help both before and after the meal. Everyone just sees something that needs to be done and does it. Makes me very thankful for our church family.

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