Thursday, September 6, 2012

Da Boys

Mark drove the truck in to work today with my car keys in his pocket. There was no going anywhere today for me. Instead the apartment was picked up and swept, dinner prepared early and then it was time to play. Jewel, Sangria, their foals and Ribbon were turned out to graze while the stalls were cleaned. They were all brought inside in the afternoon before the foals over heated. Rick Sills showed up with the barn air conditioner computer board but wasn't able to hook it up, there was still something missing. That was fine the temps were just below 90. Steven Marchal came to work the boys so the camera was grabbed. By the time he was done 712 pictures had been snapped. Most of the pictures weren't good enough to use but there were a few posted on facebook, Steven's training page, the photogallery, Evan's page and Valiant's page. My very favorite is the one below of Evan right after his swim.
He is all clean and shiny. Before they were allowed to go swimming they had to work. Valiant was first. Steven took him to the outdoor arena where Valiant was just perfect. Her really didn't put a foot wrong.
He is so impressive standing over 16.1 hands at 3 years of age. That along with his beautiful movement makes him one handsome fellow! Evan was just about as good for his first time to be ridden in the outdoor arena.
They were so thrilled to get over to the pond after working so hard.
Above is Evan and below is Valiant.
How blessed we are to have these 2 boys.

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