Monday, September 10, 2012

A Trip to Middle Grove

Karin agreed to meet at Middle Grove with her 4 wheeler to round up and load horses. Ribbon was taken out to Middle Grove. Karin went in the side door of the trailer to unhook Ribbon and what happened next was actually pretty funny. She had 16 horses trying to get in the trailer even before she got Ribbon out. That's what happens when the trailer door is left open.
Once Ribbon was unloaded and the horses scattered the next time we turned around one of the Friesians snuck in the side door with another patiently waiting for the first to move over enough to climb in with her. I'm not sure which 2, we didn't take the time to look them over.
Those 2 were moved out then Cor and Prissy were loaded from the back but again I had to move a Friesian out of the back of the trailer. We just can't have an open trailer door around here. Clair was a stinker and decided not to be caught. Karin took the 4 wheeler to round her up while I was busy snapping pictures of the horses.
I have no idea which horses these were having so much fun kicking up their heels.
Below is Ella
Below is Mika
Below is LilyPony:
I think Ayanna is pictured below:
Below is more than likely Ciera:
Lily leading the pack:
Left to right Mika, Helen and Lily:
A nice shot of Helen as she was trotting around all by herself, no guide dog for her:
I saw her gallop up to the woods then galloped right into them without hitting any of the closely spaced trees. Below is Mika with a couple of mares, more than likely one of them is Bunni, not sure who the other is:
Ribbon coming out of the woods, Clair and Mytross still in them:
Clair finally decided to quit running and stood there waiting to be caught. She and Paris were loaded up and then off to the farm where they were all unloaded and fed. Amy and Diane came over after dinner. Today was a lot of walking but the weather was just about perfect for a walk. A big thank you to Karin!

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