Thursday, September 20, 2012


Mark helped move in the 2 new bales just as the day lightened enough to see. After the walk Paris was teased and she is now out. Cor is still in and was covered by Valiant. She, Prissy and Clair were moved out of the breeding shed and into the 4th paddock. Larry was driven home, Cheyenne was so glad to see him.
They are reuniting after their long separation of 6 days.
Speaking of reuniting, Paris, Ella and Mika were hauled out to Middle Grove. Mika was so funny running up to a horse, sniffing then running to the next horse. Below he is meeting Killian:
Below is Mika running over to greet Helen:
Heading over to greet Hadassah:
And running over to check out a couple of other mares.
When I made it back from Middle Grove I hiked over to the cabin for the 3rd time (the first 2 were to get Larry and Mika) and brought Bunni and Sally over, teased them both and put them in the breeding shed paddock. Hopefully they will come in soon and we can get them back out to Middle Grove.

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