Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Long Hike

The mowing was finished by 12:30pm and shortly after it was done Karin called to suggest picking up the horses for the youth group trail ride today instead of waiting until Friday. There is rain in the forecast for tomorrow which would make it hard to collect the 4 horses needed. I arrived at Middle Grove around 2:20pm taking the camera Rachel lent us and couldn't find the horses. It was quite a hike before they were located and then I could only get a few shots before needing to hike back to the truck to meet Karin. Below are some of the Friesians all in a clump.
The camera is zoomed all the way in for the picture below.
That's how far we had to go to even find them. Mytross and Lola were coming up from the lake after getting a drink when their picture was snapped.
Lola coming out of the woods:
Mytross checking to see if the other horses were coming:
Below may be Sally although we really think it is a Friesian, just didn't think we had any halters on the Friesians and Sally did have a halter on as she is hard to catch.
We know it is one of the Friesians following her. Mika and Lilypony stick out like a sore thumb with their bright red color.
We loaded up Mika and Bunni in the front, Ella and Sally in the back and headed to Hanna City. Karin took a quick trip down to the cottage to collect enough saddles for the scheduled trail ride on Saturday. She arrived back with time to spare giving her the opportunity to work the mares again. Clair was the first pulled out and what an improvement over yesterday. This mare is smart! Cor was pulled out next. A few pictures were snapped to compare the quality of Rachel's camera from my cheap one.
There is no comparison, looks like a new camera will be on my wish list soon. Karin worked Sally next.
I had to head in by 5:00pm to get dinner going. Diane drove tonight to church taking mom, Ruth and I. Mike Reiker had the service with Tim Funk following.


  1. Heaven for horses... just beautiful! Sebastian is coming along nicely in training. James Cooler has been riding him bareback and bridleless. That horse has given his heart to him and I hope to have a short video up soon, if not photos. You really do breed some amazing horses.

    1. Thanks Margaret for those kind words. Raven just seems to throw the best! Will look forward to the video and pictures.