Friday, December 6, 2013

We Three Kings

The picture above was taken off the Hoerr Vet clinic facebook page. Amy Koch took the 3 minis she is fostering due to the tornado to Hoerr vet clinic for coggins and shots. They were marched right into the office and put on the dog scale. How cute is that? Too bad they didn't come bearing gifts for the King of Kings this Christmas time. Have you ever noticed how there is never a pony in any of the nativity scenes.
It has been said that the pony was naughty and kept stealing the hay under the Babe and had to be kicked out of the stable. Owning many naughty ponies I believe that must be true.
Today is Gotcha Day. Mom and I are heading down to the court house for the final phase in David and Stephanie's adoption of Israel process. Our family expects great things of this boy. The oldest son (Israel) of the oldest son (David) of the oldest son (Grandpa Scedge) of the oldest son (Great Grandpa Scedge). We are blessed to have this precious boy in our family. Congratulations David and Stephanie!

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