Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Decorations

 Emily, Anni Davidovics and Jessica Sauder came over to decorate the house today. By the time they were done there were lights twinkling around each window and door.

They had everything done in just a little over an hour. They then helped with the candy making.
We had a good selection of treats by the time they were all finished and ready to leave.
This afternoon we said good by to Eliza's colt by Raven. His owners came to pick him up around 1:30pm. We were pleased the temperature made it off single digits so we could spend some time grooming him. This morning at 2 degrees it was just too cold to want to spend any time outside.
He looked so pretty we let him in the outdoor for a few pictures.
 This boy really has amazing movement.

We were just bringing him back from the photo shoot when his owners arrived. Of course they had to pose for a picture for us.
He was very well behaved for them. He needed a little encouragement to step into the trailer but once he was in he stood quietly until they were ready to go. They were pleased with him.
On the way back to the house I happened to look up to the garage roof and saw this:

Still a bit of hair stuck to it. Anyone know what kind of animal died up on our garage roof? What ever it is it looks as if it has been there for over a year, it didn't even stink. Actually it looked like someone placed the bones up on the roof, the rest of the animal was discovered by the lean-to
Rhoda, Anni, Emily and Jessica left for the young group Christmas party. Ryan Davidovics and Logan Sauder came over to borrow the cotton candy machine for a school fund raiser. I spent over an hour watching a Friesian auction tonight and by the time it was over I don't know if I should be pleased or disappointed. The mare I wanted to bid on went double what I wanted to pay. I guess I'm glad the prices are staying so high on Friesians.


  1. Somebody got a cat on your roof? How big was the skull?

    Monty and Harlow

  2. It must have been a big cat the skull was bigger than my hand