Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Loose Horses

We had 3 loose horses in the yard today, Killian, Hadassah and Misty were wandering around visiting the others. Misty is in season and kept sidling up to Valiant and Evan while Killian kept trying to get between them. They were put away and the gates checked then off to work. We had a very productive day today finishing all the letters, studies and even the Bibles. We were working like a well oiled machine. After work I drove to Aldi for $99.00 worth of groceries buying baking supplies for the up coming Christmas parties. Aldi  still had Butterball turkey on sale for $1.19 a pound so instead of buying other meat I just picked up one of those and will make a bunch of meals out of that. When I arrived home the same three horses were back in the yard. This time it was obvious how they got out, the gate latch was broken. They were put away and the gate tied shut with a lead rope.
Mark came home around 3:30pm giving us enough daylight to move a new bale in for the weanlings and split a couple loads of logs for the neighbors. He drove the tractor while I drove the skid steer over, dumped the logs in his yard then headed for home as the sun was setting.
Diane drove to choir tonight, taking Spark, Rhonda, Ruth, Mark and I. It was her turn to serve and she made a really good nacho dip with chips along with strawberries, peeled cutie oranges, pretzels, trail mix and a couple kinds of cookies. With all of us there to help clean up was a breeze.

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