Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Meister Family Christmas

Yesterday was our annual Meister Family Christmas. This is always held on the 23rd of December, held at the Old School Center in Farmington, IL and always well attended. Around 100 of the immediate family showed up. The younger kids were so excited to be with their cousins, the older kids were busy playing volley ball in the gyms at the school and the moms upstairs in the very roomy well stocked kitchen preparing a delicious sumptuous meal. Everyone comes with an appetite but we have learned in this family to prepare for many and there is always plenty. After the dinner comes the entertainment. The stage is set with the microphone in place and anyone that wants to gets to perform special numbers. Oh my did we hear it yesterday from traditional carols to Christian rap. Next comes group singing of the Christmas carols, then the reading of the Christmas story and ending with Santa arriving to hand out the gifts. Below are a few pictures of the evening.

This is just a sample the rest of the pictures have been place on Mark's facebook page.
Today will be busy. Diane and I have lots of work at Bereans then Rhoda and I will be taking a trip to purchase a nearly new round pen for training. It is about 2 hours away,  right now it is -2 degrees and the truck probably won't start unless it warms up a bit.

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