Saturday, December 21, 2013


The rain kept coming today and the temperature was hovering around 30 degrees but there were plenty of salt crews out keeping the roads from freezing. We decided they were still safe enough to drive to Chillicothe for the Sceggel Christmas. Ben and Taunya weren't able to make it. They were coming from farther North and when Ben took a test drive he decided it wasn't safe. We were sorry they couldn't make it, the evening was enjoyable. When we arrived David showed us Israel's new talent.
Israel is only 6 months old and that is impressive!
Rhoda and Sarah were sitting together while waiting for the rest of the family to arrive. As long as the camera was out it was the perfect time to snap shot of my 2 beautiful girls.
Stephanie prepared a delicious meal of Italian beef. For dessert we allowed the kids (missing Ben and Taunya's 3) to dig into the gingerbread house from Amy Koch. 

After dinner was time for the gifts. 
 Braelyn got a dress up outfit from Stephanie. Sarah helped her put it on but didn't know how the dress was suppose to fit. By the time Braelyn put the shoes on and tried to walk we were rolling on the floor laughing.
She wasn't too thrilled but when Sarah and Stephanie got it all fixed up she was very pleased.
Mark and I were the first to leave the roads were fine but when we turned into our driveway instead of stopping the car kept sliding almost over onto the patio.  Trying to walk from the car to the house one really needed ice skates. Unloading the car went easy though. Mark would take the boxes out of the car and give them a push and they would slide all the way to the patio door for me to put them inside. He was able to get the car up to the barn and parked it inside the arena for the night then was able to slip and slide his way back down to the house. 

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