Sunday, December 29, 2013


We walked outside this morning and found the patio an ice rink. The melting formed puddles that froze hard then very unexpectedly a light rain started quickly covering the roads with a layer of ice. We thought the only bad part of our trip to church would be our driveway but that wasn't so. The salt trucks had not been dispatched and the roads were pretty awful. We ended up driving about 20 miles an hour and still slipping and sliding to church.
Church was so worth the drive. Tim Funk spoke in the morning before the service. He announced the couple that had been chosen for minister and asked the church to pray for that couple.
Tim then had the morning service reading first Psalm 91 and then in Luke where Jesus was telling the disciples to be great in His kingdom learn to be the servant of all.
Ken Hoerr had the afternoon service opening first to Genesis 6 where men's thoughts and imaginations were evil continually and only Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord and then Revelations 3 reading about the church of Laodicea, the lukewarm church. We are sure going to miss Ken when he steps down.
The drive home wasn't bad until Mark tried to put the car in the garage. The ice was so bad he couldn't get the car up the slight incline into the garage. He ended up just parking it and spreading salt. The temperatures are suppose to drop to below zero tonight so we dressed up warm to move a round bale in for Evan and Emma but found they still have enough hay for at least the rest of today and all of tomorrow. Hope it warms before they run out. It is just too miserable to be outside so Mark spent the afternoon playing down the basement setting up the aquaponic tanks for the fish and vegetables. It's hard for me to get real enthused about this project, I sure hope the fish don't stink up the house too bad, although maybe the plants will help filter the bad gas the dogs give off when they are excited, or sleeping, or eating. What am I saying, I want to SELL puppies not discourage people from buying Emma's puppies that are due Jan 18th. Mastiff gas is odor free. (lie) Below is Emma the expectant mother. How could one not love a face like that?
Truthfully they don't always stink, they are just so stinkin cute and cuddly that it is worth putting up with when it happens. 

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