Sunday, December 22, 2013


Joan sent us this picture yesterday and we all know what that means. If you don't then you don't know about our tradition, the tradition of serving lasagna before an engagement announcement. Joan and Tim Reinhard would like to announce the engagement of their daughter Bethany to Bill Frauhige from Bluffton, IN.  Bethany sent us the picture below of Bill as none of us know him.
Bethany writes: I finally have a picture to show.  Here is some information about him too.  His name is Bill Frauhiger and he has a twin brother named Bart.  His parents are Kris and Ann Frauhiger from Bluffton Country.  He is 26 yrs old and he is a diary farmer with his dad and 3 brothers.  He has one sister also.  All of his siblings are married and members of the Bluffton Church.  He plans to come down here to Haiti sometime after the holidays and I will still plan on moving back to Peoria sometime in January and get adjusted back to the States and plan a wedding.
Glad for your prayers.
This was a hard announcement for us selfish people in the Peoria area. We were finally getting Bethany back after six LONG years only to find she will be moving to Bluffton. Regardless of our feelings we are quick to wish them God's blessings. We heard today that he is from a wonderful family which makes us feel a little better. 

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