Friday, December 6, 2013

Israel's Gotcha Party

It's official, Israel John Sceggel is David and Stephanie's son forever. 
The adoption went like clockwork. The attorney asked a few questions, the judge asked a few questions the social worker asked a few questions and before we knew it the proceeding was over and the adoption final.
David and Stephanie invited all of Stef's side of the family and all the Sceggels to come over this evening for a 'Gotcha party'.
After Emily got home from school she pulled Hadassah into the indoor for a schooling session. This was the second time ever Hadassah has been ridden. This mare is smart, she remembered her lesson from 2 days ago and was much more relaxed today. Emily was able to ask her to back, walk and trot around the arena without much drama. Before that could happen though the arena needed to be watered and what a terribly cold day to do this. The thermometer was hovering around 17 degrees while I was trying to wet down the arena. I should have given it a good soaking a few days ago when we were having 40 and 50 degree weather. Cold makes watering so hard, the hose must be completely drained before putting it away.  Emily is trotting Hadassah around the arena in the picture below.

 After the saddle was removed Emily spent some time picking up each foot. That doesn't seem like much but when we bought Hadassah as a 2 year old she had never had her hooves touched. She didn't even like it if her legs were touched. She had no handling from the time she was born until she arrived here. Now she is standing quietly not even tied up while each hoof is examined.
Rosalie was next. Even though Rosalie is only 10 months old there is still much that could be done. She was led into the arena, asked to pick up all 4 hooves, follow off lead, asked to walk over tarps, tolerate the scary bag and carry a tarp.

The scary plastic bag wasn't so scary, Rosalie was trying to catch it in the picture below. 

 She is such a smart girl, she is also huge! This filly by Raven out of Lily will easily top 17 hands. We were pretty frozen by the time  she was ready to be put back. We picked up Sarah and left at 5:45pm for the Gotcha party. It is after 9:00pm now so pictures of that party will be posted tomorrow. What a great day!

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