Thursday, December 19, 2013

No Internet No Pictures

We were about to go over our allotted amount of bandwidth for mediacom so the internet is shut off until after midnight which is when our new month starts. I still have a smart phone so it isn't even much of a problem, although today I needed a recipe forgetting we had no internet sat down at the computer to google. It. That is about the time I remembered my phone.
I stopped down at work today to get the letters processed and the Bibles mailed out. Amy showed  up with a gorgeous home baked gingerbread house as a special Christmas gift for my grand children. Tomorrow when I have the computer I'll post some pictures of it. This is one elaborate house!
After work came the dreaded shopping at Walmart. Christmas will be here soon and I still needed a few gifts. On the way home I also stopped at Aldi for a few more ingredients then started baking when I arrived home. We now have 3 kinds of Christmas goodies for the next 3 parties. 
Gail Hodel sent a text through that Rod one of our main graders died today. He was always so faithful to take any studies needing grading and some weeks he was sent literately hundreds to grade. This was so unexpected and we are pretty shocked. He wasn't feeling well, went to the hospital, became septic and died. Please pray for his wife Vera.
Mark had a AC board meeting and just got home a bit ago. I'm heading to bed, this suzy homaker stuff is exhausting.

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  1. But you had mobile internet on your phone, right? You might have been able to post it using that. For me, what’s more difficult is to write full blogs on my smartphone; it tends to have a lot of wrong spelling when I look at it again afterwards. Haha!

    Jannette Britt @ T Link Broadband Services