Friday, December 20, 2013

Moving Bales

We are under a winter storm warning that is suppose to start tomorrow morning bringing ice and snow to central Illinois. I decided to move bales in this morning in preparation so Mark came out and helped move 2 in the middle paddock and one in with Paris. Valiant was given one earlier this week Piper, Evan & Emma also have relatively new bales. Now even if we are buried by snow or the ice is so thick the skid steer can't run the horses will be fine. We finished up as it started sprinkling but that didn't stop the walk. We did one round but by the second round the going down the driveway hill was getting dangerously icy so quit. The mild temperatures today are causing massive melt off but the drive has been packed down with so many cars it is icy under all that water.
Philip brought Braelyn and Taegan over today. Braelyn was busy making sure Darcy was all snug and warm when Taegan came over to help.

For the record as soon as the picture was snapped Taegan was whisked off of Darcy and not allowed back on. Darcy and Emma are so gentle that we make sure the girls never mistreat them. Amy Koch's gingerbread house was brought out to show the girls. The house will be taken to David and Stephanie's tomorrow for the Sceggel Christmas so I made sure they knew only to look,  not touch. Yeah like that was realistic!
 Taegan just couldn't resist.
It was wiped off and wrapped back up and lollipops brought out as a consolation. Even that brought tears though. Braelyn was given the choice of ONE lollipop or NO lollipop. She wanted them all but finally settled on a red one just like Taegan's.
Mom came over with 2 dozen eggs from the farmer this afternoon. The farmer hasn't had fresh eggs for quite a while and today as mom was praying before eating her store bought eggs for breakfast she says, "Thank you Lord for the breakfast but fresh eggs would have been better." Right after that the phone rings, its the farmer and he has 10 dozen eggs for her if she wants them. Wow does mom ever have a direct line!
Rachel is hosting the young group tonight for a taffy pull. We were a little worried the weather wouldn't be cold enough but just in time, the temperature has now dropped below freezing.

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