Thursday, December 5, 2013


The temperatures dropped during the night like a stone with the wind beating at the doors and walls of this 150 year old farm house. The cold seeps through the walls insidiously creeping around my feet, crawling up my legs to my arms and finally reaching my brain. Just about that time my brain shouts to this old body "MOVE to the woodburner and FILL it!"
Thank goodness for the well insulated stall barn and the propane heater. I'm sure when the farrier arrived this morning he was dreading his job today. He was pleasantly surprised by the barn, soon after starting his work he removed his coat stating, "I just didn't expect heat today" As soon as he finished the horses were put away, stalls cleaned and then it was off to Meisters to do my real job.
It took about 2 hours to finish reading and entering the letters and another couple hours to process the Bibles, load them into the car and deliver to the post office.

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