Saturday, December 14, 2013


Olivia is getting big!  She has a really wonderful personality. I never met a horse that actually needs to snuggle with me.  Its pretty nice, and that little spot at the withers she likes scratched, sometimes actually makes her "kick" her leg up like a dog does when you scratch his belly.  Wow, right?
Thanks Cynthia for the update. Just so everyone knows Olivia isn't strange that she wants to snuggle, almost all of our Friesians are like that but she IS strange about the leg thing. Has anyone ever heard of a horse kicking her leg up like a dog when being scratched? Our old Blaze would stretch out and rock when his belly was being scratched and when we stopped scratching he would follow us around begging for more. The faster we would move away from him the faster he would follow.
The other update that came in was from Ana the new owner of Eliza's colt.
Just I would like to let you know than we r so happy with us new baby Carbon. He is an amazing horse. 
Today we brushed him and my kids played with him and just he is like another little boy. 
He is eating really good too.
Thank you very much!!!!
It is too dark right now to see how much snow came down during the night. The dogs were let out and came back with their backs wet showing us it is still snowing. It looks like about 4 inches on our patio. 

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  1. I get a lot of lip action from my Friesians when I hit the right spot, but never any leg action.

    Monty and Harlow