Friday, December 13, 2013


Our first significant snowfall of the season is happening now. The snow is coming down quietly and the world is still and peaceful. We are suppose to get 4 to 6 inches by tomorrow morning. Mike and Diane are spending the night in the cottage at Middle Grove and will be able to check on the horses in the morning with their 4 wheelers.
Since the sun was out this morning Rhoda and Emily decided today would be a great day to try riding Killian and Evan together. They rode first in the outdoor arena before loading up and heading to Sandridge.

The boys were both very well behaved. Rhoda sent a text through stating, "Both boys were perfect!!"
She emailed the picture below of Emily and Killian. Emily asked him to bow and lay down while under saddle and he did.
The weather today warmed up considerably today, by 1:00pm it was in the 30s so Mark came home from work early to try to finish splitting the wood before the snow hit. We were still working on the pile when Rhoda and Emily arrived back from Sandridge. They told us (while helping with the wood) the ride was wonderful. The boys were great nose to tail and side by side. The snow started coming down pretty hard as we were finishing up with the wood. The house and apartment are now both well stocked and ready for the storm. Even the lean-to is almost full. We should have enough logs split to easily make it through January.
Since Emily was around to help Mark wanted to move the old hot water heater tank out of the basement. We borrowed a hand truck from Mike and got that loaded into his van. Sarah came over for some fresh vegetables so she and Emily could make chicken stir fry for dinner.

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