Friday, December 27, 2013

Dan's Dog

Brother Dan bought a Dane, not just a Dane as he is quick to tell us, "a GREAT Dane!"
The little guy is settling in well.
 It will be interesting to see how much taller he ends up than Emma or Darcy. Dan pretty much got pick of the litter and full registration for him meaning when this boy is old enough, he can sire AKC registered Great Dane puppies. This boy is so handsome I can just see owners lining up to use his service.
Dan is raising him right, he is taking him pretty much everywhere to socialize him with people and other pets.
We had kind of a strange incident today, someone was logging the big walnut trees growing in the ravine. When I drove the golf cart over to ask, they were certain they were on the correct property. Spark checked it out and found they had actually only cut down one of mom's trees but there are quite a few more marked that mom does not want cut. Spark tried to call the company that sent the workers but it is closed until Jan 2nd. Hopefully they won't be back until we can straighten out the mix-up but we still had better post signs to stop them.
We had a nice break in the weather today with sunshine and 40 degrees which really helped melt some of the thick ice on the drives. Even the truck is now ice free and that was covered by  half inch thick ice.

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