Sunday, December 30, 2018

Delicious Hot Pizza

Valiant and Galena's waterer was frozen this morning. The hair dryer was brought out and placed inside then a couple buckets of water were taken to them while waiting for it to thaw. They each only drank about a half of a bucket so it must not have been frozen too long.  The element seems to be burned up.  They were turned out into the field then the rest of the horses fed.
We left for church a little late around 9:20 am but still made it in time. Mike Reiker had the morning message and Craig Stickling had the afternoon message.
After church Mark helped move a round bale in for Valant and Galena and they were locked back into their paddock and off the field. The waterer had stayed open but the temperature was in the low 40s with the sun shining. It will probably be frozen again by morning.
Rhoda, Lee and Iris arrived while we were putting in the bale.
For dinner tonight we ordered 3 Casey's pizzas but when I got there to pick it up one of them had been over cooked and was half burned. I asked if they could just cut off the burned part and charge me for half of the pizza and instead she told me we could just have that one for free.  What a deal, it was hot and delicious and even the burned part wasn't terrible. Ron, Taunya's dad, came over this evening to drop off a stroller Taunya had borrowed when they went to the Ark Encounter last weekend.
 He said it was well worth going to that and the Creation museum. The cost was around $50.00 to do them both. After dinner we played a game called something like banana peel. It is a game a little like scrabble.  Anna won some of the games and Lee won some, Rhoda won once and Braelyn and I didn't win at all. After we finished, Braelyn Taegan and Kensley decided to play.
 Even Iris joined in. The girls thought it was fun making words out of the letters. 
 Iris was such a happy baby tonight. She feels very secure with both of her parents keeping her safe. 
A very nice review came in from our Airbnb guest. She also posted a picture of herself with one of the weanlings. She wrote: “This is our second time staying at Judy’s place and we will be sure to be returning! The location is in a beautiful country setting about 15 minutes from Peoria. It is so quiet and peaceful. The stars are gorgeous and we love waking up to the horses each morning. Judy is so sweet and responsive. We love that we are greeted with homemade, delicious cookies. Someday, we hope to take her up on her invitation to explore the nearby hiking trails! The beds are so comfortable and the place is super clean. It is the perfect place for us to stay when visiting family in the area. We can’t wait to return!”
Another WONDERFUL update came in from the man that bought Sheena's 2016 colt by Valiant. He is 2 and a half years old and just gorgeous! 
We were so impressed with this cross we kept Sheena's 2017 filly by Valiant. The owner is very pleased with this colt. He also sent the video clip below.
Sheena was bred back to Valiant and due May 27th, 2019. It is ALWAYS amazing to us how gorgeous these foals end up.

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