Wednesday, December 19, 2018

They Have Volume

Anna and Gertie picked me up this morning to drive to Farmington for Kensley's Christmas program.  She is in Bright Futures there and it was amazing to see how big this class was. The kids did very well performing for lots of parents, siblings and grand parents. My phone didn't take the best pictures as I couldn't hold it still enough but Kensley is the 12th child from the left.
The video below is the class wishing us all a Merry Christmas.
We had another beautiful day.  Below are a few pictures of the weanlings as I was feeding them.
Above left to right is Tatiana's colt and Zalena's colt and below is the back view of Zalena's colt and Tatiana's colt.  They have become best friends. 
 Roxanne's filly and Missy's filly are in the picture below. 
 I also took pictures of the other 3 but they are on the phone and didn't come out well.  Karin, Rebekah and Faith arrived to work on Galena's training. Rebekah is warming up Valiant while Faith is cantering Galena for the warm up. 
 They did the same exercise as before where they rest the horse in the middle while the other horse works around them only this time Faith was asked to do some vaulting tricks on Galena while she was standing.

 Galena did very well today double but when Faith was asked to ride more on her rear end she threw in one buck. 
 Karin stopped the trot and had Galena walk while Faith moved back again. Galena did not buck at the walk even though Faith was sitting quite far back. 

 By the time they finished Faith was able to even move back with the trot without Galena reacting. Rebekah also got a turn to practice some vaulting moves on Galena. 

By the time we finished Mark was home from work. These sunny relatively warm days working outside make me tired. After supper Mark and I were sitting on our chairs in the living room watching the news and both of us fell asleep. I awoke at 6:05 pm and was shocked, woke Mark and both of us scrambled to get out to the car in time to pick mom up for church.  Tonight was our special Christmas service at the Fellowship Hall. We started with Christmas Carols, the choir sang, Caleb had the message then the choir got back up to sing 2 more songs ending with the Hallelujah Chorus. This was a wonderful evening.

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