Saturday, December 29, 2018

More Soup

We had a cold night and another cold windy day with 25 degrees most of the day.
I left for Sam's Club right after breakfast and the most important item purchased was dog food.  There was just enough left in the last bag to make it through breakfast and no one around here wants to live with a hungry dog much less 2 hungry dogs.  The other items needed were 2 chickens, an 8 pack of cream cheese (not that I needed 8 but that's how Sam's sell it) and the rest of the vegetables for a big pot of creamy chicken and wild rice soup.  As soon as I got home the chickens were put in my biggest pot filled with water and set to boil. While the chickens were cooking the finishing touches were done on the apartment for the guests coming in today from Ohio.
The pressure washer was dragged down to the house and put in the kitchen. Hopefully one of the kids will come tomorrow to help get that down the basement.
Mark took his car to the back garage and changed the oil along with the windshield wipers and when that was finished worked on our living room ceiling.
Valiant and Galena's hay was checked and their paddock is going to need a new bale tomorrow.
The soup was finished by noon and some was taken over to Ruth and Fedi's for their lunch. Fedi was not feeling well. He vomited this morning. Ruth said the home health nurse was coming in to check him out. Mark and I each had a bowl for lunch then 6 quarts put outside to cool down before putting them in the freezer.
Mark made a fire in the family room fireplace this morning and kept that burning all day. I tried out the camera again on this fire. The first picture was taken with the automatic focus and the second without.

I really need to try it out on grandkids, puppies or horses but none of the grandchildren have been over, no puppies and it's too cold outside to take pictures of horses. Oh well maybe some will come tomorrow.
We have been waiting for an update from Laura about her farm. There has not been anything else posted. I'm sure she is broken hearted.

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