Thursday, December 27, 2018

A Horsemeister Friesian

The lady that bought Jewel's 2018 filly by Evan emailed and the email was a little unusual as it just isn't about her filly. 
Hello Judy I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
 Inez totally surprised me yesterday by jumping over a 3 1/2 foot barrier!! So I guess she has jumping in her future if I can screw up my courage in my old age. 
 I truly love this baby horse she is quite a wonderful creature. All the best,
Oh and one other thing I keep forgetting to tell you. There is this absolutely gorgeous four-year-old gelding who is a colt of Lily and Valiant at the barn where my vet has his office. I’ve met the owner a few times. His (the horse) name is Zulu and he is truly magnificent! I saw him out of his stall for the first time today. I should’ve taken a picture for you but I’ll be back over there again sometime and I’ll remember to snap a photo and send it to you. Owner's name is Lisa. Makes me want to get one from that pair too. But I’m nuts and I absolutely cannot.🤓 Unless I get my future little horse farm.
Amazing to think 2 of Horsemeister's foals end up in the same area of New Orleans, when you think how big this country is. I hope we get an updated picture of Zulu. His owner sent the picture below when he turned 2 years old:
 He looks magnificent as a 2 year old, I would love to see him at 4. This is him when before he left for his new home. 
and below was the morning of his birth

We were sent this video of him taken as a long yearling.
Lily and Valiant's foals are gorgeous, all the hair, the height, the movement. We couldn't be prouder and now to think they are being recognized by others as, "oh that is a Horsemeister Friesian!"
If a Horsemeister Friesian is in your future you may want to consider one soon. They just fly off the shelves (JOKE) but we just happen to have a few left from last year.  We have 2 Warlanders, a stud colt and a filly AND we have 3 purebred Friesian foals, 2 stud colts and 1 filly.  The Warlanders are priced at $5000.00 and the Purebred Friesian foals are priced at $8000.00 but we are consider raising our prices for 2019.  We have kept our prices consistent for years but the cost of raising horses has continued to climb. Our horses are truly special. Our stallions are amazing but it isn't just about the stallion, the mare is just as important. We have purchased or grown the very best brood mares we can afford and each one is quality. IF interested take a look at our foals still available for 2018 or the ones coming in 2019 by checking out our website 
ps I know the website is old fashioned, I'm old and have doing it myself since 2002.  Hopefully in 2019 I'll have a brand new website but will keep the same name. 

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