Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Not Meant For Me

I quit the walk after the first round as today is Berean day and even though I arrived at the Berean office a few minutes early there already were volunteers ready to work just waiting for the mail to arrive. If you would like to read about our morning there click HERE.
I had one stop to make before getting home today but when I arrived home it was sunny and almost 40 degrees. Perfect for working outside. When Karin arrived Valiant and Galena were brought into the indoor arena. While Karin worked with one I would groom the other just trying to get some of the thick mud off of them. Yesterday they were groomed but both must have rolled again in the mud.  Both did well today. No pictures as I was too busy working.  The weanlings are all doing great. The two colts (Zalena's and Tatiana's) are working out perfectly together.  They are glad to share buckets and best of all they don't pick on each other.  I had tried Roxanne's filly with Zalena's colt when we first brought them in and she was bossing him around picking on him so that only lasted a few hours.
Sarah posted a  picture today that just had to be shared here. Today is Nolan's birthday so Zion left for a slumber party with her cousin Iris. Below she is all ready to go with her cloths all packed.
I haven't heard how the slumber party went, hopefully the two little girls actually slumbered for Rhoda and lee.
I had a phone call from a man interested in Tatiana's colt. He was speaking Spanish but was able to speak some English. As soon as he hung up a text came through and this is what it said, "no puedo habiar. Le devuelvo la liamada en unos minutos."  Since I can't read Spanish I copied the text and sent it to David my oldest son.  He sent back pretty quickly, "I can't talk. I will return your call in a few minutes."  Well those few minutes stretched into a few hours but I figured he would get to it when he could and wasn't worried. I also was surprised he would feel the need to call instead of just texting the answer. Well David NEVER did call.   Do you get it?
I don't think the original text was meant for me.
A picture came in from Katherine, the lady that bought Zalena's 2017 colt by Evan. She wrote, "Kind and sweet and so mature for a yearling"
Sure hope her 2018 colt ends up as beautiful but for sure he will be as sweet. Zalena throws such amazing well behaved beautiful foals. 

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