Sunday, December 9, 2018

Inez Leaves

Inez left today for her new home around 2:30 pm.  She was kept in a stall all day as I thought the shipper was coming at 12:30 pm but when we got home from church at 2:00 she had not yet been picked up. She was taken straight to the indoor arena and let free to get some exercise before her long trip to New Orleans.  She was a good girl and stepped into the trailer without any hesitation.  Below the driver is shutting the door after she loaded.
We left for church again at 4:00 pm, picked up Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley for the all church Christmas Caroling.  We separated into 3 groups with each group going 4 places.  Our group went first to Bernice Hauks house. Bernice is 105 years old and she was explaining to the children that she has celebrated 105 Christmases. She told them how one time she got a pack of gum as a gift and how they drove their horse and buggy to church.  The girls sang a special song just for Bernice.

The next house was Artie's house and after singing with her she joined us for the next two places.  We stopped at Dr. Corley's house but he wasn't feeling well so we didn't stay. Our last stop was the Buehler Home right across the street from church. Our group was the first group back. It didn't take long for the other two groups to arrive and once everyone was there we had a delicous potluck meal. The girls loved all the different deserts. We stayed to clean up and didn't get the girls home until 8:30 pm.  Rhoda and Sarah came over right before we had to leave and Sarah brought her puppies. I got just 1 picture of Iris before needing to leave. Rhoda had thrown something over to me and Iris was not at all sure what I was holding. Check out those eyes. 
The girls took some pictures of the puppies. These are Arri's puppies. They are 2 weeks old, fat and so cuddly.

 Zion was so happy she got to play with a puppy. 
It is late and more pictures of the puppies will be uploaded on the website tomorrow. Their mother is Arietta, Maltipoo and their father is a King Charles Cavalier.  They are for sale and can be reserved with a deposit. They stay small and make wonderful companions for someone wanting a small dog. If interested in learning more about them please visit our website then click on the Puppies for Sale link. 

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