Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Puppies on Christmas.

Since I didn't want anything to take away from the real meaning of Christmas I decided to post yesterday's happenings this morning.  Christmas Eve night was interrupted by my phone going off at 4:09 am and dogs barking.  The dogs were let out then in then out then in until I went on strike and Mark took over. Something and we think it was coyotes were coming into the yard trying to steal Emma's old deer bone she dragged in a couple days ago. Because of the many interruptions in sleep I overslept not getting up until 6:45 am. When the phone was checked I shocked to find someone had rented the apartment for Christmas DAY. The bedding hadn't been changed, I had used the apartment to get hot water for cleaning up a foal, mud had been dragged in and the stall barn was a mess. Christmas morning was spent cleaning and by 9:00 am all was done giving me enough time to jump in the shower to get ready to leave for church at 9:15 am.
David Obergfel had the Christmas message at church. Of course this message was a special one and it was really nice to see so many families there to worship the One who came to give us life.
Mark and I took Nancy home straight after church then headed for home to get my house ready for company.  Sarah and Nolan brought the puppies over to get a new video and pictures to update the website. They were born Thanksgiving morning and we thought Christmas Day was a perfect time for pictures as they were just 3 days shy of being a month old.
We even let Zion hold a puppy. 

Below is the video taken before supper.
 Phil and Anna brought their 3 girls for Christmas dinner. After a delicious dinner of steak, salmon, wild rice, salad, sauteed buttered mushrooms, sauteed onions and Christmas goodies for dessert. The Girls also had fun with the puppies.
 Their dog Hux is the father of these puppies and Hux was hit by a car and killed right after siring this litter.  The puppy Braelyn is holding looks a lot like her father Hux. 
If interested in seeing more pictures of the female puppy we are calling Skittles click HERE. If interested in seeing the male puppy we are calling Willie Wonka click HERE. If interested in seeing more pictures of the male puppy we are calling Gummy Bear or Bear for short click HERE
We enjoyed spending our Christmas with 4 of our grand daughters. Yesterday was a good day! But then again we were breathing when we woke up, of course it was a good day.

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