Monday, December 10, 2018

Prayer Request for WILLOW

Rhoda, Iris and I joined Sarah and Zion for a really neat program at the Peoria Heights public library for little children. This program is twice a month for preschoolers and babies and teaches signing. The teacher was excellent and we all enjoyed the class. Each child is given a carpet square to sit on. Below Zion  wearing her brand new snowman shirt specially made for her by her other grandma Amanda (Nolan's mom, the grandma with all the decorating talent) is getting ready to sit on her square.
During the class at one point the instructor brought out bubbles. All of the children loved popping bubbles, even Iris was enthralled with the bubbles.
As soon as the program was over we were ready to head to Flat Top Grill for lunch when I discovered my wallet was missing. We drove back to Sarah's and found the wallet had fallen out of my purse in my car.  Flat Top was very slow today, and we didn't get our food for almost an hour. We were waiting so long Zion started to get impatient so this grandma gave her a lemon wedge.
 I was waiting for the funny face reaction but instead Zion made one kind of funny face then gave us a big smile and had fun chewing on that sour lemon. What kind of taste buds does this yearling have?
We started our day with just 13 degrees but by the time we got out of Flat Top the sun was shining and the thermometer was reading 39 degrees.  It was really hard driving home with out falling asleep and hard to get back to work once home. The weanlings will need a new bale in a few days as will Valiant and Galena. All of the horses are doing well here and Mike reported that the Middle Grove herd is also doing well, still grazing but supplementing with some hay. Anna is our first mare due next year again but this time I held off covering her so that she would deliver in April instead of March. She is already getting big. Anna is so much fun. She is a mare that anyone can ride as long as they can hold on to a saddle horn. No balance or experienced needed. Anna knows her job and does it willingly.  Below is Anni enjoying a winter ride on Anna. 
Mark is busy removing staples from the living room ceiling tonight. This is a good winter job and once the staples are out we can start replacing the tiles. 
Diane sent a prayer request, her grand daughter Willow is back in the hospital. Poor Willow had 3 days of non stop vomiting. By Saturday she was so dehydrated they took her to the emergency room for fluids and they sent her home. By the evening they took her back and the doctors scheduled an appendectomy for Sunday. Sunday evening they sent her home but today took her to Methodist. Below is what Diane wrote: Please pray for Willow.  She is back in the hospital (Methodist this time) after having her appendix removed yesterday.  She can't keep any food or water down and feels the same as before surgery.  She hasn't been able to sleep or eat since Thursday morning.
Willow is Mike and Diane's oldest grandchild. She is the daughter of Jenny and Billy Schick. 

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