Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Rainy LAST Day of the Year

It pretty much rained all day long, with temperatures not getting out of the 30s this weather was just no fun at all to be outside.
Mark and I went to the church for Gary Schmidgall's visitation. Craig Stickling had his funeral service.
We are really going to miss Gary in the Peoria church. He was always the first one to greet us on Wednesday's nights and tease us about going to Culvers afterwards. Our sympathy to Nancy and their 7 children.  On the way home from church I called mom to ask how far they were in their long trip home. Joan estimated that they would be home by 8:00 pm so we planned the New Years Eve party to start at 8:30 at her house.  Spark and Rhonda (the only other ones home in the neighborhood) joined us and with mom, Joan, and Sarah. Hannah left to party with others.  We passed a fun evening together playing games then eating prime rib with all the fixins for dinner while waiting for the clock to click down to midnight. At midnight we went outside to yell, scream, bang pots and pans and light off fireworks to welcome in the new year. We here at the Horsemeister farm would like to turn our thoughts to the past by posting these pictures of Raven, the start of the Horsemeister business.

And now look forward to the future of the farm with Raven's son Valiant and Evan, the son of Mintse.
Wishing everyone that reads this a wonderful new year with many blessings

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