Thursday, December 13, 2018

Rainy Day Rainy Night

We awoke to thick fog, so thick it stayed dark for longer than usual. Ruth's husband Fedi and Spark were helping a lady clean out her storage containers and Ruth brought over a couple boxes of spices, jello and drink mixes. This lady was a hoarder and was saving up for the famine only most of her items were sugar free. We were laughing at how this sugar free jello was not going to sustain her very long.  Most of this was dated around 2007 but Joan can use it for projects for the kids. There are a lot of neat things she can do with jello. Emma was very disappointed that there was no dog food in the box.
After the walk I did all of my Christmas shopping. That took 40 minutes but it needed to be done. We are celebrating the Sceggel Christmas on Sunday. From shopping I went right to the Berean office to drop off boxes from church and decided as I also bought wrapping paper I may as well wrap all the presents. The table at the Berean office is perfect for wrapping gifts. I also found that an envelope box was the perfect size to fit all of the presents for the Texas Sceggels. The Bartonville post office is almost on the way home so those presents were mailed 2 day priority mail and should make it to Texas on Saturday. We are going to Facetime them on Sunday while we are celebrating Christmas. It started raining this afternoon but it wasn't raining very hard when Ayanna was teased and covered again today.  I took the picture below yesterday but really like this picture. She is such a well balanced very talented mare.
Dixie, the lady that bought her 2018 colt by Evan sent the picture below with the message: Merry Christmas from D'artagan.
Mark was home by the time I made it back inside after doing all the outside chores. He didn't want any supper as they had their company Christmas party this afternoon and had lots of goodies.  
Mom and I worked on the puzzle for a couple  hours this evening. Ruth stopped in for a short time and helped a little.  It is still raining and is suppose to rain most if not all of the night. There is still frost in the ground so the rain can't soak in very well and the mud is going to be awful again. 
Mike stopped in yesterday to say the 4 bales he put out at Middle Grove were all eaten. He put more out.  The horses are all looking great out there but those 4 bales went pretty fast so they must be spending more time eating hay than grazing.

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