Friday, December 28, 2018

Laura's Tragedy

Laura posted this last night:
i have lived any horse persons worst fear last night and there was nothing i could do about it i will never stall any horse ever again i dont care how sick they are cause the reason them horses died was because i locked them in a stall cause they was sick and getting meds 2x a day thinking i was doing the right thing.... i will never get over this
everyone i have no phone or a way to contact yall . if you need to reach me the only phone we have is my dads 931-638-0604 if no answer send a text with your name
last night we lost everything in fire inculding our beloved horses april, oliver,fancy oh, redman , amera, dean and rich.
our beloved dogs athena and josey
our goat romeo and all 5 of our cats, we barely made it out i ran into the barn and tried to get the horses out of the stalls but the smoke had already took them from me. yall dont know how bad this hurts my family and myself and i hope this dont ever happen to anyone there is no words for it......i will not be on face book so if you need me please call...

Not too long ago I posted about Laura and her red Friesian stallion Redman.  Below are a couple  pictures of him.  

All of us are in shock over this and have been praying for Laura.  I can't imagine such a loss.

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