Saturday, December 1, 2018

PotLuck at Erin and Dusty's

This was written last night but it was so late I forgot to actually publish it.  Because of that when it says tomorrow it really means today. We had some snow melt today but not near enough. Rain is going to move in early morning, a lot of rain and we will be inundated with mud.  Zalena's colt and Lily's colt were brought inside around noon. Lily's colt is getting picked up tomorrow morning around 6:00 am and I don't want him soaking wet for his long trip to Texas.  Mike found the problem with Valiant's automatic waterer. The heater element melted the cord. He was able to replace that part this morning.
Tonight was rotating potluck at Erin and Dusty's house. We were joined by Leila and Bruce, Rosie and Mike, Aubrey and Amanda.  Ollie and Gianna showed us their beautiful Christmas tree.
 The table was beautifully decorated. 
Erin served 2 kinds of enchiladas, Aubrey made the Mexican rice, Leila made the corn, Rosie made the cob salad, I brought the salsa, chips and guacamole and Amanda made the dessert. The entire meal was delicious. The plate below doesn't show the very colorful salad or dessert. 
We had so much fun visiting and laughing with each other. About half way through we heard a scream and then crying. Poor Dominic ran into his sister hitting his chin on her head and split open his chin. Amanda ran upstairs to help then Dusty had to take him to the emergency room for stitches. We finished dinner and dessert without them. This is the 3rd time in a week and a half Erin has had to take someone to the emergency room. Ah that's life with young children. 

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