Saturday, December 8, 2018

Handel's Messiah

 Today was spent gathering wood for the wood burners. Joan had her kids out working hard today cleaning up the woods by Diane's of fallen limbs and anything burnable. The picture below was taken on Thursday morning as we were walking.
Joan was pulling the fallen limbs off the side of the road and stacking them for later. The kids work hard helping their mom but are thankful for the warmth each winter.  While pulling this picture off my phone I also found a picture of mom shoving snow off of her balcony after the blizzard.
She was just shoving a path to her bird feeder.  Almost all of the snow is melted now, not because of warm weather, the melting happened with the big rains and tornado a week ago. We have had below freezing temps for the last 3 days. Today we were able to work outside as there was sunshine and no wind. It almost felt warm even though it was just in the low 20s most of the day.
I've had Zalena's colt and Jewel's filly in a paddock together yesterday and today trying to keep Jewel's filly clean. She is leaving for her home tomorrow and the shipper thinks they will be here by 12:30 pm. We won't be home from church until 2:00 pm so tomorrow morning before we leave for church she will be put in a stall and all the paper work left in the barn. They don't want to wait for us to get home and said they could handle the loading themselves. They should have no trouble, she jumps right in any of our trailers. We even practiced loading into the small side door of the stock.  The pictures below were taken Oct 6th. She is much bigger and more filled out now that she is 2 months older.
 She really will be a super star in the dressage world. 
All of Jewel's foals by Evan are amazing movers.  We had an inquiry on Soul's colt this evening. They saw his last video (the leading and loading video below) 
and would like to call on Monday to discuss purchasing him. I'm also going to have to take a trip out to Middle Grove next week to pick up Roxanne's filly and Missy's filly for weaning. 

Above is Roxanne's filly and below is Missy's filly.

Both are more than ready to wean. Tatiana's colt will really be sorry to see them leave. These two are his best buddies and the 3 of them hang out together only going to their dam's for nursing. He is not yet old enough to wean. 
This evening mom and I listened on the internet to Handel's Messiah being performed live. My cousin Barbara is playing the violin (4th from the left)  a few of my second cousins are singing in it. If interested it was recorded and posted below.
The soloists were amazing as was the entire orchestra and the choir.

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