Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Tree Trimming

My morning started early getting the feeding done then heading to Pekin for a visit at Big R arriving around 8:30 am to pick up 14 bags of grain then over to Aldi for eggs, bread, milk and salad mix.  I was very proud of myself for at each store there was a lot of Christmas candy and toys marked down and I walked right past it all. We don't need any toys nor candy around here.  The grain was unloaded as soon as I got home.  The Airbnb guests left this afternoon so the bedding was washed and the futon put down for the next guests coming here in 3 days. There is a little more to do there before the apartment will be ready for them but most of it was finished today. Mark came home from work early to start working here.  We had a perfect day for clean up, not too cold with the temps in the 40s and the mud drying up enough we could get the machines in the fields. Mark decided today was the day to start taking down the big tree that fell into Valiant's field. Valiant and Galena were locked in their paddock so we could drive back and forth without worrying about them trying to escape while bringing in the machines.
 While Mark was cutting I would pull the branches out of the way. 
 He worked first on cutting up some of the big limbs holding the tree off the ground. 
 As soon as he felt it was safe a chain was hooked up to one of the limbs and the tractor used to pull the tree down. This made it easier and safer to cut the logs into firewood. 
The video below shows Mark cutting first some of the big branches then pulling the tree down with the tractor. 


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