Monday, July 29, 2013


The email below came in last night:
Hello Judy,
Do any of your people ever travel to train colts?  I have a 10 month old friesian/gypsey gelding that really needs someone who is experienced with colts to work with him.  I do not have the experience.   I just thought I would ask.  We live in Maine.  Thank you. 
Leslie Dutton
So what about it Horsemeister trainers, are you willing to fly to Maine to train a 10 month old colt? It really wouldn't be worth it for the owner to fly out someone, give them housing and food then pay for their training for such a young colt.
We have Dr. Hoerr coming out this morning to collect Evan and AI Jenis. At least I hope he makes it this morning. Last time this was scheduled Jenis was in in the morning but by the time Dr. Hoerr arrived she had already ovulated. We will also have him check poor Paris.

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