Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Emma IN

It is another scorcher today, so thankful for air conditioning. The cow's water tanks needed to be refilled and as I was sitting in the golf cart waiting for them to fill I snapped these pictures with my phone.  I really need to start carrying the camera. Below Goldie's calf had left others and was playing in the automatic waterer.

She came galloping back, saw me standing there, slammed on the breaks to stare at me.
 The adult cows were contentedly eating their morning hay while Kenna's calf made herself comfortable.

Emma was teased today and showed. She was a very good girl for her cover, Mark came over to help just in case but he wasn't needed today. After the walk she was hosed down, fly sprayed and photographed.
 She has been with us now for 12 days and still needs to gain more weight but is definitely looking better.
Rhoda and Cassie arrived to take a couple Friesians to Jubilee for a trail ride. Below Rhoda is round penning Zalena, who actually needed it. She was full of energy today.
Ayanna and Zalena were taken into the barn to tack up before loading. Below Cassie is fly spraying them down for the trip. Cassie just so happens to be another red head! 

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