Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Heat Humidity

Summer is upon us. We had 90 degrees today with 75% humidity making it feel like over a 100 degrees. Eva Jean, Diane and I were glad for a working air conditioner in our office. We were able to get the studies processed and the letters read, but not the Bible's processed. I'll have to go back in on Thursday. Below is why we didn't finish.
The amount of mail that comes in each week just shocks us. It was Diane's job to read the letters, she read some out loud making us marvel at how many people are in jail or prison. 
After work Diane came back to the office to stain the baseboard Rachel is going to install in the office while I headed in to Peoria to get the oil changed on the car. Emily had 3 friends come visit, she took them to Middle Grove to ride, swim and fish, then brought back Cor and Clair. Both mares are now sold and going to New Mexico and both need a new coggins and travel papers. Jenis was brought over from the cabin field and disappointing for us came back in season. Rhoda and Emily worked together and had Evan cover her. Mytross was covered by Valiant. Emily handled him and he was just about perfect. Ribbon and Lola were teased with neither showing. After the sun went down it was cool enough to work horses.  The arena lights were turned on and Valiant worked today. He was so good walk, trotting and cantering for Emily, then walking the bending poles, over the tarp and over the trotting poles.  I tried to take pictures but don't know enough about the settings on this camera to get low light pictures to come out.

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