Friday, July 5, 2013


Mom and I left at 7:00am for a trip to Iowa to pick up a FHANA registered Friesian mare named Emma and her colt. We arrived at Wendy's farm around 10:00am and met the animals. Emma was all bathed and ready for transport. She has a gorgeous colt by her side by the Shire stallion Powerful Paul Wendy is keeping but Emma is to come to our place to be bred then back to Wendy's until she weans her colt.
We made it home before 1:00pm making good time. Below are a couple of pictures of Emma right after we unloaded her.

Mark was working on the pond overflow. That is leaking pretty bad so he made a path to the overflow with the concrete that was torn off the drive.
He is filling the pipe up then hopes to be able to fill the pipe in with cement to plug the leak.
I had to take a picture of the blooming  Rose of Sharon bush. It has such gorgeous color.
We picked up mom for our trip out to Middle Grove for the evening stopping at Casey's for pizza then John's to drop off a tool Tim had borrowed. Middle Grove was packed with people and cars. Below are just a few of the kids at play in the campground area.
Below are the 4 Reinhard girls cooking dinner.
Willow relaxing after playing hard all day.
Braelyn on the 4 wheeler
Tate was playing ball with Steven Davidovics
Braelyn climbing the gravel pile
 Braelyn playing with the Davidovics kitten
 Willow and Ella in line to taste the fresh fish caught cleaned and cooked by Spark
 Fedi building the fire for the evening while a carbol game is played in the background
Charlie, Jake and Andi's baby boy
Braelyn and Taegan are fascinated by the kitten
Faith and Anni trying the delicious fish just caught, cleaned and cooked today.
Hannah and Bethany hard at work playing carbols with Karin
Faith and Braelyn at the top of the gravel pile
Karin posted the video below of the day, they all had a great time!

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