Friday, July 19, 2013

A New Evan Son

Alicia Cooksey's Raven daughter Avalon gave birth around 1:00 this morning to a brand new Evan son. Hopefully they will send pictures. The picture below is of Avalon and Mikayla Cooksey, Alicia's daughter.
I'm sure this boy is going to be gorgeous, how could he not be with Avalon as his mom and Evan as his dad.
Mark left for the shop around 4:00am, he wanted to get some work done before David and Stephanie pick him up at 6:00am  for their trip to Kansas City. Rhoda is going with them also. This is Israel's first long car trip. They are driving down to visit Sarah who is going to school there for the month of July.
Yesterday's high was 96 degrees with high humidity. No horses were worked, I was worked trying to cool them off. The water bill this month is going to be bad. Hosing is the easiest way to cool them down and we have a lot of horses here. The bees were the only other things working hard.
Today the high is only suppose to be 95 degrees. But...we have a chance of rain tonight with a cool front coming through.
This next picture is for Nate, I think this would be so practical out on the lake. After you catch the fish, just clean them right there and dump the fillet's in the cooler while the guts go back in the water.
Isn't this just about the perfect boat for Norris?
I have company coming this afternoon to see the horses.

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