Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another Scorcher

The dogs were so hot I decided to take them to mom's lake to cool off. There was a big gaggle of geese on the beach. Darcy was sure it was her job to scare them away.

 Emma only entered the water once the geese were in the middle of the lake. I think a gander went after her once.
While waiting for the dogs to get done I was admiring mom's flowers. They are a riot of color all up and down her hillside.

 Of course I needed to get some close ups of the honey bees busy working and the dragon flies flying
The picture below is of our Rose of Sharon bush. The bumble bees were busy with this bush buzzing from flower to flower.

By the time I got back to the barn the vaulters were hosing Ribbon off. She was just too hot to use for vaulting today. Rebekah worked with the vaulters on the barrel then the girls took Ribbon and her filly to the pond to cool off properly.  Ribbon's filly was so cute she swam right out to Karin.

 then turned around and gave Karin a ride back to the beach.

Becca and Lukas Watson practiced their vaulting moves.

The pictures below show how much Ribbon's filly by Raven enjoys the kids.
 She is for sale, only $4500.00 for a huge already trained to swim half Friesian half Percheron Filly.
I picked Mark up early for church, early enough that we stopped at HiVee for dinner. Ken Hoerr had the service. Mom and Diane came home with us so Sarah could take mom's car shopping.

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