Monday, July 29, 2013

Beautiful Butterflies and Buzzing Bees

Braelyn and Taegan were here today but we were so busy the camera wasn't taken out until later. Emily worked Valiant and Evan early then we moved the round bale out of Emma' s (the mare not the dog) paddock. It was a grass bale and Emma needs more calories, she is nursing that big colt of hers, she was given a new bale from Middle Grove while the cows were given the grass hay. The bales from Middle Grove are fine stemmed grass  alfalfa mix and the horses love them. Evan was also given a new bale from Middle Grove. We noticed he had lost a bit of weight on the last bale which was grass hay. Karin held her funday Monday and Braelyn got to ride Ribbon and the golf cart while we were moving the bales. Rebekah was more than willing to drive the girls around in the golf cart. Hannah, Bethany, Faith, Rebekah, Anni, Karin and Emily all went over to Rachel's for lunch and a carbole game. Emily came back with the Kabota and mowed the pond pasture while we were waiting for Dr. Hoerr to come check Paris, Emma, Marika and Jenis. Dr. Hoerr was suppose to arrive in the morning but that didn't happen. Emily finished the mowing and got out Mark's super deluxe weed whacker for under and along the fence line.
I drove out to check the hay fields and there were so many butterflies and bees flitting around the clover. Since I had the camera with me I took a few pictures.

 Dr. Hoerr arrived around 4:00pm, the good news is Marika had ovulated probably Saturday and we got her covered Saturday morning. The bad news is Emma is not in a true season. She has been showing for 12 days but she had nothing but a bunch of small follicles on one ovary and a 25 on the other. Jenis had not progressed much either. She had a 35 mm on Friday and it only progressed to 36 mm. We will breed her on Thursday, take her to Dr. Hoerr's on Friday for an ultrasound to see where she is. Paris was the other mare checked. Her prolapse is not getting any better. Dr. Hoerr told us to just keep on with the treatment she is getting. Washing it down 3 times a day and smearing furazone on it. We will give her a couple more steroid treatments then stop those. They don't seem to be helping anyway. Emily left for the singing at Skylines. The young group is meeting at Rhoda's after the singing, we expect Emily back late.

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