Saturday, April 7, 2012


We left for Gulf Shores at 4:20pm yesterday deciding to try a different route than our usual 57 to 24 to 65. Instead we headed straight down 55. It may be shorter but we have decided when it is time to leave we will return the old way. Going down all the way to 10 takes us too far south and the roads cutting over are just not that good. Right now we are traveling around Mobile Bay and have about an hour until we reach our destination. Rachel texted last night that they will fix us breakfast. That's wonderful except we forgot to ask where and. It's way to early to call. We will head straight to mom's she always gets up early and can give us directions if breakfast isn't at her place. Our estimated time of arrival was 6:00am and we are right on target. So far we have only stopped twice for gas. Funny or not so funny but gas has been about 30 cents a gallon cheaper than home in Illinois. Why is that? Wouldn't be our corrupt law makers taxing unfairly would it? We haven't heard how the other carload is doing. Ben, Taunya, Rhoda, Addyson, and Jack left yesterday also.

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