Friday, April 6, 2012

Gulf Shores

The first carload traveling last night made it down to mom's condo before 5:00am. David, Stephanie and Sarah must not have hit much traffic. The second carload (the Sauders) made it down a bit later joining Mom, Diane Karin, Dan & Susan along with their 3 kids, Sophie, Abrahm and Levi who have been there this past week. Mom and Diane had everyone over for breakfast. Right now there are 16 of the family members all enjoying themselves in warm, sunny Gulf Shores, Alabama. Two carloads of Sceggels will be taking off this evening to join them by morning.
Yesterday Dan took his boat into the bay and a dolphin jumped out of the water at least 6 feet into the air right in front of them. They were all startled, jumped and gave just a small scream. Karin said the dolphin's eye was staring right at her it was that close and no one had a camera on them.
Today when I called Diane and Karin were just getting ready to go para-sailing over the Gulf of Mexico. Rachel has her camera, hopefully she gets a few pictures of them. One year we were watching the para-sailing and the rope snapped. The lady in the air started drifting over land. People started running and grabbing the dragging rope to bring her down, it took over 30 people to do this. It makes one wonder what would have happened if the winds that day had been from the north. She would have been blown out over the gulf.

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