Thursday, April 26, 2012

Addyson's Birthday Party

Today was busy, Mark's truck had just enough gas to get to Sam's for dog food, Walmart for the ingredients needed for the benefit dinner dessert and Rhoda's work to drop off Addyson's present. Today is the day for her birthday party. I didn't think there would be enough time in the day to go but wanted to send the gift. Once home making the dessert didn't take as long as I thought and instead of cleaning up the mess headed to Bloomington, IL to at least see the birthday girl. I arrived about the same time as Sarah and had about an hour to play with Jack and Addyson. Below is Jack first crawling.
He was determined to stand and push the cart.
Phil and Anna arrived with Braelyn. She had to show us her new discovery, she found her belly button!
The kids have so much fun playing at Taunya's house, so many neat toys.
Addyson's birthday cake was a princess' palace.
Right up her ally, Addyson loves pretty princesses and someday wants to live in a castle with Jenis. Right now she likes Jenis better than Ella, Rhoda roached Ella's mane and Jenis has lots of hair to brush. The other set of grandparents arrived for the party, Ron and Jackie Rumbold.
I had to leave for the fellowship hall before the party got started. Tonight we were recording the benefit dinner songs for the CD. I made it just in time for choir to start. Tonight was long, some of the songs took more than a couple of takes and the practice of sitting and standing took a bit. Notice the laughter? For some reason we couldn't co-ordinate the movements with the second and 4th row. Of course each time we got it wrong, gales of laughter filled the fellowship hall.
This was our last practice, Friday is set up and Saturday the dinner. Once home the second layer of the dessert needed to be mixed and spread on the first layer. That needs to be refrigerated for 12 hours. It is after 11:00pm and I must get to bed soon, clean up will have to wait until tomorrow, morning comes very early around here.

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